become a backup reseller

Provide your customers with world-class protection from cyber-threats and digital disasters. Our cloud backup solutions offer a comprehensive set of cyber protection features to ensure the safety and security of your customers’ data at all times.

Our reseller program is designed to grow with you - earning you bigger discounts the more you grow - and this means better profits for you.

Sell solutions you can trust. Built on Acronis backup systems and used by more than 5 million consumers worldwide, we provide you with all the tools you need to get your reseller business up and running quickly and efficiently.

Unlimited clients

There’s no limit to the number of clients you can have in your reseller portal.

Attractive profit margins

The more you sell, the larger the discount, which means your profit margins will rise.


The fully white-labelled reseller portal allows you to customise and brand your clients’ interface easily.

join our reseller program

from R1.20 per GB - minimum R1000.00 monthly commitment

from $0.10 per GB - minimum $69.99 monthly commitment

easy to use control panel

Back up any device

Quick and easy installation

Customize your backup protection plan

In-depth reports

Full account overview

backup features

packed with features for all your backup needs

flexible schedules

Set backup schedules at your convenience.

auto backups

Automatically backup selected devices and files.

backup to local

Set backup schedules at your convenience.

backup anything

Easily backup any device, at any time.

easy restores

Quick and easy restores from the interface.

in-file delta tech

Smart file change detection and sync.

microsoft 365

Back up your Microsoft 365 account and files.

Bare-metal recovery

Recovery from a flash drive to a new device.

over 50 integrations

Easily integrate our cloud backup solutions with your day-to-day tools and systems. With over 50 integrations available, we’re able to cover the most commonly used apps and tools.

re-sell backup solutions

become your own cloud backup service provider